In the seats of a high school auditorium listening to a classmate's speech about plastic pollution, Michael Arens asked himself, "why has no one solved this issue, and why did it take me this long to hear about it?" This question would engulf him for the years to come. From that day on Michael felt obligated to create a solution.


In the summer of 2017 Michael grew his idea and chased a dream that has resulted in years of development.  As the idea grew Michael knew he needed help; he added David to his team to build the machine that will reverse the effects of plastic pollution.



CEO and Founder

Michael Arens is a social entrepreneur from St. Louis who strives to bring change where the world needs it most.  Growing up Michael has always had a deep care for the Earth. He was influenced to take large scale action when realizing the severity of the plastic pollution crisis. He has been working on making Clean Earth Rovers and The O.R.C.A. a reality since May of 2017.  Seeing many attempts to solve the plastic pollution crisis, he has devoted his time, and innovative spirit to developing feasible ideas that match the scale of the problem. Click O.R.C.A. to learn more!



David Constantine is an entrepreneur out of Buffalo, New York. From spending much time in the outdoors and seeing plastic pollution around the world first hand, David has always had a passion and desire to change the way the earth is treated. After joining the Clean Earth Rovers team in 2018, he has continued working to make his dreams reality. With his entrepreneurial mindset, he is determined to make a difference in one of the world’s biggest ongoing issues.


We are currently looking to grow our team by adding researchers and engineers. If you are interested please contact us!


Improving the quality of life for all, while focusing on providing services for people and ecosystems most in need. We plan to do this by the removal and prevention of manmade pollutants in our fragile ecosystems with innovative technology.


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