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Marine debris is pesky.

  • 6.6 million tons of plastic pollution affect coastal communities annually.

  • Cleaning marine debris by hand costs time and money.

  • Limited access to water-quality data is a danger to communities.

  • Affordable, widespread monitoring potential is hard to come by.

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World-class water pollution solutions.

We fight marine debris with our ocean-cleaning and water-monitoring technology

Plastics Piranha ocean cleaning vessel
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We clean water, so you don’t have to.

Ocean-Cleaning Robot

​The Plastics Piranha™ cleans autonomously while you and your team focus on getting things done. It seamlessly collects marine debris from the surface of the water. The Piranha is perfect for marinas harbors, cities, and waterfront properties.

DataPod Water quality monitoring

Water-Quality Monitoring

The DataPod™ is designed to affordably meet your data needs. Our buoy collects 6 key metrics and can provide widespread data from anywhere in the world. It’s modular design gives you plenty of options for mounting or mooring.

Clean Earth Rovers web app


All of your devices can be managed on our web app. We make it simple to schedule cleanups, or to ask for the latest status on your water quality. Managing your waters has never been easier.

Ocean Cleaning Robot

Plastics Piranha™



Water Monitoring
  • 100 lb. Collection Capacity

  • 8 hr. Battery Life

  • Empties in 10 min or less

  • Premium Design

  • Measures 6 key water metrics

  • Low-voltage operating system

  • Visualize Geotagged, historic, and time-stamped data

How it works

1. Call Us

Interested in making an impact in your waters? Call us and we'll happily guide you through our solutions.

2. Select your Hardware

We'll help you determine if you're a better fit for our Plastics Piranha™ or our DataPod™ hardware. Based on the problems you see and the industry you're in. 

3. Enjoy Sustainable Savings

You can't wait to save your business money! We can't wait to see a healthier ocean! It's a Win-Win!

Image by Gleb Mishin

Why we're committed

We are a group of passionate engineers and entrepreneurs who come from different parts of the world and stages of life. Yet, we have all found one thing in common - we care deeply about our oceans. We are a team committed to using our skills and banding together to restore our coastlines, keep people safe, and improve coastal resiliency. Learn more below. 

Book a virtual demo!

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